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Interview with Valentina Casali

Posted by in Trend Reports on Mar/2022

Valentina Casali is a multidisciplinary designer. She deals with lettering, type design, stone carving and sign painting. Valentina has been working in the field of visual communication since 2010, and since 2013 as a freelancer. She has received awards from design publications such as Communication Arts, SPD and AIAP. She teaches lettering and type design at IED in Turin, at the NID in Perugia and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Macerata. She is also editor of the project Lettering da Jesi and in her spare time she embroiders…read more

Interview with Raissa Pardini

Posted by in Trend Reports on Mar/2022

Raissa Pardini is an Italian-born, UK based visual artist who works with typography. She is a Multi-disciplinary designer specialised in Digital Typography, Graphic Design and brand focus. She has been working for many of the most interesting artists and projects around the world. She has been curved her design passion between Milan, Berlin, London and finally, Glasgow. Her work have just been added to the V&A permanent collection. She mixes old-school typography and colourful details with a contemporary eye and critique. Typography is a clear protagonist of your artworks. You play…read more

Interview with Tina Touli

Posted by in Trend Reports on Mar/2022

Tina Touli is a London based creative director, multidisciplinary graphic communication designer, maker, speaker and educator (teaches at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London). She works in a great variety of design fields, including print and digital design, with different clients, such as Adobe, Dell, HP, Ciroc Vodka, Fiorucci, Tate, Converse, Oppo, Kappa, Glo, Dropbox and Movement Festival. She had the honour to be selected by Print Magazine as one of the 15 best young designers in the world, aged under 30 (2017). Her work has been featured in…read more

Interview with Héctor Ayuso

Posted by in Trend Reports on Mar/2022

Héctor Ayuso is the founder of OFFF, a creative festival that was born in 2000 as the “Online Flash Film Festival” and is now a worldwide community involving thousands of the world’s best creative minds. Designers, engineers, programmers, artists, photographers… all sorts of artists and makers are invited to share their passion for their creative process and inspire the talents of other creators. OFFF Festival is an inspirational space where Héctor connects himself with artists and the public to develop a creativity triangle, powered by the belief that “Together, we can…read more

The 2022 Type Trends Lookbook

Posted by in Trend Reports on Mar/2022

What is the future of Type? We are not fortune tellers, so we are not going to give you prophecies about the future. But we like to take notes about the changes that are happening today, which will lead us to somewhere tomorrow. This is why we sponsor each year the work of the educational team of Typecampus, that analyzes visual trends as a way to reflect on global design culture. We are proud to present to you he results of this research: the 2022 Type Trends Lookbook. An inspirational guide to typographic…read more

The right of letters to be free

Posted by in News on Mar/2022

It’s not a secret that the letter ‘Z’ has become a symbol for Russians who support the invasion of Ukraine. As a team deeply tied to the ideals of peace, kindness, and collaboration we can only repudiate any kind of war action. We believe that war is a primal, immoral language. Languages that we, letter lovers, prefer to be entrusted to peaceful and constructive communication. We claim the free meaning of a common letter. Let’s save the fate of the letter Z! Z is for zeal Z is for zappy…read more

Zetafonts guide to Instagram happiness

Posted by in Uncategorized on Apr/2021

Ever wondered why some Instagram accounts have the ‘swipe up to link’ option in their stories, while yours doesn’t? This is because this feature, along with some others, is enabled only after you have gained 10.000 followers on your Instagram account. Crossing this milestone helps your IG account to get even more reach and unlocks special features & benefits. If you want to add the “swipe up” link to your stories and direct traffic to your website from Instagram, getting more than 10K followers is essential. Naturally, everybody wants more social following, but…read more

Aldo Novarese and the exploration of Design Space

Posted by in New releases on Mar/2021

A true work of art – a poem, a statue, a melody – is a form that pre-exists in the possibilities of language, of marble, of musical notation. The artist discovers it like a theorem. Italo Calvino 1. Archive discoveries Our exploration of Aldo Novarese’s design space began in 2019, with a visit to Archivio Tipografico in Turin. Born as a love project from a bunch of graphic designers and typographers, Archivio Tipografico is a collaborative space for the preservation, study and practice of the typographic arts, set in a printing office that hosts…read more

Post-Pandemic: the 2021 Typographic Trends Lookbook

Posted by in Trend Reports on Mar/2021

In the early days of March 2020, we shared with the design community our research on the typographic trends of the year. But the year reserved something that we couldn’t foresee and that has been a catalyst for sudden, profound and unexpected changes: the Covid-19 crisis. In a world that is continuously and deeply changing in unpredictable ways, is it still possible to discuss and identify trends related to typography and graphic design? Despite the pandemic, brands didn’t stop communicating and had to face the new expectations of their consumers. Companies learnt to adapt their communication and…read more

Coppa stadio: la radiocronaca

Posted by in Promotion on Feb/2021

Coppa Stadio è il primo torneo italiano di poster design calcistico, ideato da Zetafonts in occasione del revival del carattere Stadio di Aldo Novarese. Abbiamo invitato venti tra i migliori studi grafici e illustratori digitali italiani a giocare con le lettere di Novarese per realizzare un poster dedicato ad una squadra di calcio della propria regione di appartenenza. Ne è emerso un torneo grafico tra squadre di ogni categoria, da capofila di serie A a piccoli club delle categorie più basse. Un torneo inclusivo e ludico, che fa scendere in campo squadre di serie A come il Verona (scelto dai veneti di Happycentro), il Napoli o la Roma (realizzato Allfontsarebastards) accanto a club meno noti come l’Atletico Van Goof (scelto per l’Emilia da Rupert Graphic).