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Io sono la Tipografia. Manifesto.

Posted by in Editorial, Typefamily on Mar/2024

Typography and graphic design are often regarded as an inseparable pair in our daily communication. The typographic form, typically serving the content and project needs, adds its voice to the verbal message with determination, discretion, and coherence. A chorale message with graphic form that sometimes doesn’t allow the distinctiveness of individual voices to emerge. In this visual exercise, typography narrates itself through an unconventional operation involving verb, typographic form, and graphics. Front and back cover of “Io sono la Tipografia”. Enrico Solfrini delves into the expressive potential of typography, transforming…read more

The Counterspaces – Typography in the Age of Black Swans

Posted by in Editorial, Trend Reports on May/2023

Zetafonts presents the new issue of the Type Trends lookbook series, titled The counterspaces (Typography in the Age of Black Swans). Curated by the Type Campus team, it is an exploration of the many contemporary counter-trends in the world of design and typography, that have arisen in response to the unpredictable events that have occurred in recent years.  The counterspaces – Typography in the Age of Black Swans presents the work and the thoughts of some of the most interesting and innovative creators and thinkers in the typographic field, and…read more

A beautiful mistake

Posted by in Editorial, Trip on Sep/2022

Cover image ©OFFF TLV 2022  In May 2022 we were contacted by Nitsan Rozenberg and Liri Argov, co-directors of OFFF TLV, the Tel Aviv branch of the worldwide famous OFFF Festival. They asked us to design the catalog for the forthcoming edition, and as soon as they mentioned the proposed theme “OFFF*UCK, celebrating mistakes“, we were immediately hooked. The idea behind the festival theme, created by Awesome studio and described in their “OFFF*UCK manifesto”, is that mistakes are an essential part of the creative process, and that we should embrace them…read more