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The History of Alfabeta

Posted by in Uncategorized on Apr/2024

[La versione Italiana di questo articolo è disponibile sul sito di R41] Alfabeta is a typeface designed by Aldo Novarese commissioned by Maria Laura Bernardi of Reber Spa in 1987. She envisioned the development of an English cursive font that could complement Kunstler, already present in the R41 catalog. (The original letter by Laura Bernardi in 1987) This commission demonstrates Reber’s keen attention to the interests of an international market, as evidenced by the presence of Cyrillic and Arabic alphabets in the company’s catalog. Alfabeta is not the only Greek alphabet designed…read more

Can typography generate a kinder world?

Posted by in Uncategorized on Nov/2022

With more than 90 design schools over the world, TypeCampus is a program to talk about visual and typography culture. It is born to inspire young and affirmed designers, visual educators, and type lovers. Being in touch with so many people has proved to be the perfect opportunity to enhance typography in all its potential: to convey messages of positivity and change. In an increasingly self-oriented society, good practices of kindness have collapsed, risking becoming a legacy of times gone by. That’s why Fight for Kindness is born: as a unique opportunity to bring…read more

Zetafonts guide to Instagram happiness

Posted by in Uncategorized on Apr/2021

Ever wondered why some Instagram accounts have the ‘swipe up to link’ option in their stories, while yours doesn’t? This is because this feature, along with some others, is enabled only after you have gained 10.000 followers on your Instagram account. Crossing this milestone helps your IG account to get even more reach and unlocks special features & benefits. If you want to add the “swipe up” link to your stories and direct traffic to your website from Instagram, getting more than 10K followers is essential. Naturally, everybody wants more social following, but…read more