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Our Spring 2024 Type Tour is unveiled! Meet the Zetafonts team in a festival near you!

We’re delighted to bring you an exclusive update on our upcoming Spring 2024 Type Tour, where we’ll be diving into a whirlwind of events, conferences, and creative showcases across the globe. Not just a series of promotional events, but a way for us to meet with fellow type and visual enthusiastsshare our passions, and discover the diverse and dynamic world of typography.

First on our itinerary is Hadath Alkhatt in CairoEgypt (3-10 March); this event celebrates Arabic calligraphy and will take place at the Seven Pillars International School. We’re excited to showcase an exhibit dedicated to our non-profit initiative, Fight for Kindnessto celebrate the art of typography as a tool to convey messages of positive change and promote kindness.

Next, we’ll be jetting off to Barcelona for the OFFF Festival (4 to 6 April), one of our favorite gathering of creative minds. Join us as we take the stage to share insights into our design process or visit our booth at the OFFF market to discover our new exclusive typographic products and gadgets.

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April will also see us in the beautiful city of Naples (18-21 April) for the second edition of Desina Festival. Don’t miss the typographic workshop led by our talented Mario De Libero, who will guide the participants in the creation of a collective typeface.

Our Italian friends will be able to meet us also in Milan for the 2024 edition of BIG – Biennale Internazionale della Grafica. Engage with Debora Manetti as she speaks about Typecampus and Fight for Kindness, and let Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini take you on a typographic journey.

Want another chance to meet us and talk about our ongoing projects, or propose us your ideas? Join us at Torino Graphic Days in Turin, where on May 18 we’ll be awarding our special mentions for the Neologia Prize and talking about the power of typography.

Finally, before the summer hits, mark your calendars for Typographics NYC (14-16 June, New York), an unmissable meeting for typography aficionados, which Zetafonts is once again sponsoring.

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:boom: BARCELONA/ Join us as we take the stage to share insights into our design process or visit our booth at the OFFF market. OFFF Festival 4 to 6 April

:boom: FLORENCE/ Enjoy the Fight for Kindness exhibition at the Why Festival, presented on April 14th at 8.00 pm at The Students Hotel

:boom: NAPLES/ Don’t miss the Zetafonts workshop on Pompei letters on April 20th at 10:00 AM at Will follow a Zetafonts & TypeCampus lecture at IUAD on April 22th

:boom: TURIN/ Join the Zetafonts talk and the Fight for Kindness exhibition in Turin for May 18th at 4.00 PM (Flashback area)

:boom: MILAN/ Enjoy the Zetafonts talk at BIG and the Fight for Kindness exhibition – in Milan  on May 26 (Certosa) at 4.00 PM


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