The Zetafonts TypeTour 2022 continues

Posted by in News, Trip on Aug/2022

After the stages of TypeCon21Typographic Festival 2022 (New York), Milano Graphic Festival and Offf Barcelona 22, our TypeTour continues towards truly intense autumn.

Here are the next design events in which we are proudly involved:

Tipoteca Think and Type 22

We will start in Italy, and we will be hosted in a wonderful temple of typography near Treviso: Tipoteca Italiana. There will be a 6 hrs workshop to learn how to do a font in a day (type design basics), and a lecture about our challenge to rediscover the forgotten masterpieces of Italian typography, reinventing them for digital, variable and multilingual technologies. Tickets are available here.

OfffTLV 22

OFFF TEL AVIV · Sept 18-19
Immediately after, will be in Israel, at Offf Tel Aviv. There will be our exclusive booth in the market and a workshop around the theme of the event: BEAVTIFUL MISTAKES. Ah, I forgot, the event catalog is signed by Zetafonts, with an entire editorial dedicated to experimentation with artificial intelligence.

Graphic Days 22

GRAPHIC DAYS · Sept 24-25
Back in Italy, for the Graphic Days 2022 in Turin. On Saturday we will be present at the awards ceremony of the Neologia competition, where we will bring our Zetafonts Prizes to the special mentions for typography. While on Sunday 25th there will be a workshop during the morning on the conscious use of typography in communication.

Forward Festival Vienna 22

FORWARD FESTIVAL · Oct 6-7, 2022
In the wonderful Vienna, we will be hosted by Forward Festival in a program full of talents such as Stefan Sagmeister, Erik Kessels and more, for a workshop about typography and communication. More info about the workshop are here.

Type-Tour Autumn 2022

We hope that between these events there is a good opportunity to meet in person! Stay Bold!