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Io sono la Tipografia. Manifesto.

Posted by in Editorial, Typefamily on Mar/2024

Typography and graphic design are often regarded as an inseparable pair in our daily communication. The typographic form, typically serving the content and project needs, adds its voice to the verbal message with determination, discretion, and coherence. A chorale message with graphic form that sometimes doesn’t allow the distinctiveness of individual voices to emerge. In this visual exercise, typography narrates itself through an unconventional operation involving verb, typographic form, and graphics. Front and back cover of “Io sono la Tipografia”. Enrico Solfrini delves into the expressive potential of typography, transforming…read more

The Journey of Codec ME

Posted by in Interview, New releases on Mar/2024

Designed with the precious collaboration of Omaima Dajani for Arabic glyphs and Oded Ezer for Hebrew, Codec ME is the first typeface by Zetafonts to include both Arabic and Hebrew scripts, expanding its language coverage to a wide range of MENA countries. In these challenging times for the Middle East Codec ME stands as Zetafonts’ humble way to celebrate its cultural richness, and the power of cultural exchange. In this interview, Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini answers the questions of guest editor Dario Manzo. You are an Italian foundry, based in Florence. What led you to study and…read more


Posted by in News, Trip on Mar/2024

Our Spring 2024 Type Tour is unveiled! Meet the Zetafonts team in a festival near you! We’re delighted to bring you an exclusive update on our upcoming Spring 2024 Type Tour, where we’ll be diving into a whirlwind of events, conferences, and creative showcases across the globe. Not just a series of promotional events, but a way for us to meet with fellow type and visual enthusiasts, share our passions, and discover the diverse and dynamic world of typography. First on our itinerary is Hadath Alkhatt in Cairo, Egypt (3-10 March); this event celebrates Arabic calligraphy and will take place at the Seven Pillars International…read more