Stadio Cup

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On the occasion of the birth centenary of Italian type master Aldo Novarese, Zetafonts foundry has created a revival of Stadio, a typeface created by Novarese in the seventies and published only as a rub-on transfer by R41, Letraset’s Italian competitor. To honour its football-inspired name and its vintage look, Zetafonts foundry has organized the first Italian football poster tournament: Coppa Stadio. Twenty of the best Italian graphic studios and digital illustrators were invited to play with Novarese’s letters to create a poster dedicated to a football team from their home region.

The result is an inclusive and playful championship between teams of different leagues, where first league top teams as Hellas Verona (chosen by our awesome friends at Happycentro), Roma or Napoli will play alongside lesser-known clubs such as Atletico Van Goof (chosen for Emilia by Rupert Graphic) and Brera Football Club – that in the poster created by LeftLoft proudly declares to “never have been in the lowest leagues… but neither in the top ones!”

The games will be played weekly on Zetafonts Instagram channel, with a literary commentary by Fabrizio Gabrielli, deputy editor of L’ultimo uomo and author of articles and reports for Fútbologia, Finzioni, Footballista and Esquire as well as the book “Cristiano Ronaldo. Intimate story of a global myth” (66thand2nd).


The posters visualized in the style of the legendary football newspaper “La Gazzetta dello Sport”.

There are even a couple of imaginary teams: Studio 23.56 evokes in their poster Nebiolo Foundry‘s Soccer Team, while Arnica Design has created the Coumba Freida team, as a tribute to one of the most characteristic valleys of Valle d’Aosta and as a symbol for a female vision of football.

The tournament was organized by Zetafonts with the help of Allfontsarebastards, creators of a brilliant series of typographic football fan scarves and authors of the Stadio Cup poster for Lazio and Roma, ironically featuring a knife and the infamous slogan: “My best friend is here in my pocket”.

A selection of some of the posters designed for Coppa Stadio

On February 22, the first day of the championship, keep an eye on the match between AllfontsarebastardsRoma and Bob Liuzzo‘s Catania, who are going to replay in a digital format the historical 2006 game that resulted in a memorable 7-0.
Follow us during the next four weeks: on every Monday, until the final day of March 22, you’ll be able to vote on Zetafonts Instagram channel your favourite team and poster. Don’t miss the chance to see best Italian designers dribbling with the letters of Aldo Novarese in this virtual tribute to the Italian seventies and their vintage charm!

CoppaStadio - newspaper A5

A special edition specimen of Stadio Now featuring the partecipants interview is in the works.

The participants in Stadio Cup are:
Allfontsarebastards (Lazio), Arnica Design (Valle d’Aosta), Basiq Design (Friuli), Davide Pagliardini (Liguria), Dopolavoro (Campania), Fra! Design (Calabria), Happycentro (Veneto), Leftloft (Lombardia), Mister Gatto (Marche), Mooggeene (Sardegna), Muttnik (Toscana), Bob Liuzzo (Sicilia), Francesco Paternoster (Basilicata), Francesca Perpetuini (Abruzzo), Rupert Graphic (Emilia), Giovanni Stillittano (Trentino), Studio 23.56 (Piemonte), Sunday Buro (Puglia), Testimanifesti (Molise), Zup Design (Umbria).
Stadio Now is created using unpublished material courtesy of Reber, thanks to Caterina Piatti, grandson of the founder and now CEO of the company.