Can typography generate a kinder world?

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With more than 90 design schools over the world, TypeCampus is a program to talk about visual and typography culture. It is born to inspire young and affirmed designers, visual educators, and type lovers.

Being in touch with so many people has proved to be the perfect opportunity to enhance typography in all its potential: to convey messages of positivity and change.

In an increasingly self-oriented society, good practices of kindness have collapsed, risking becoming a legacy of times gone by. That’s why Fight for Kindness is born: as a unique opportunity to bring awareness to the power of kind actions, celebrating the World Day of Kindness each year, on November 13th;

After a long call for submissions during the year, from November 5 to 13, TypeCampus has launched a multi-location exhibition that will celebrate World Kindness Day with more than 150 typographic messages from the design community.

We are very happy to have allowed dozens of designers from all over the world to show their message in the 5 exhibitions that are part of the initiative, sponsoring this project.



Exhibits Cities Exhibition Venues

Partners & Sponsor

Milan, Italy

IF! Italians Festival at Base Milano

11-12 November 2022

Organized by ADCI, UNA and the Italians Festival team

Valencia, Spain

Barreira HallBarreira Arte y Diseño

5-13 November 2022

Organized by Patrizia Barbieri & Zara Jorques

Paris, France

Campus Condorcet – Centre des Colloques

5-13 November 2022

Organized by Valentina La Marca and Jessica Romano

Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

Museum of Yanaky Mansiev / University of Veliko Tărnovo St Cyril and St. Methodius

4-13 November 2022

Organized by Radimira Yordanova

Fitchburg, Massachusetts, US

Fitchburg State University – Main Lobby of Conlon Hall

November-December 2022

Organized by Donald Tarallo


You can find the complete list of artwork on TypeCampus, ready to be shared to spread positive inspiration.

Let’s change the world with good typography! Let’s fight for kindness!

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