Zetafonts goes to Offf Festival 2023

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The next stage of the Zetafonts Type-Tour takes us to OFFF Barcelona 2023, the largest showcase of contemporary visual creativity and design.
With 3 full days of talks from 64 international speakers, interactive activities and more, this festival represents for us not only a fantastic opportunity for networking and good time together, but also punctuates the presentation of the new issue of our annual Type Trends publication.


The 2023 issue, The Counter Spaces – Typography in the Age of Black Swans, explores the counter-trends currently emerging in the world of design and typography, that have arisen in response to the unpredictable events occurred in recent years. The book presents the work and the thoughts of some of the most interesting and innovative creators and thinkers in the typographic field and guides the reader in a hidden world of undefined and antagonistic areas in typographic culture.


The Counter Spaces is a must-read that offers a unique perspective on the role of design in society, and how typography can be used to create meaning and connection in a world that is constantly changing. Whether you are a designer, a creative director, a student, or simply interested in the way design shapes our world, this book will leave you with a new appreciation for the power of typography to inspire, engage, and transform.


Visuallizzazione Spread_TT23_DEF 03


Along with other typographic goodies, font surprises and an interactive experience by WeRad, The Counter Spaces will be on sale – in absolute preview and limited edition – at Zetafonts booth in the Offf Market


Zetafonts booth in the Market


A short presentation of the book will also be part of the Workshop “Type and the city” by Zetafonts with Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini and Francesco Canovaro: an in-person interactive laboratory lesson to investigate the power of storytelling of typefaces. In this workshop Zetafonts opens the doors of its creative process, inviting participants to develop together a typeface dedicated to representing the city of Barcelona, collecting its heritage and many typographic souls.


Follow the IG stories from Zetafonts and TypeCampus to know more about the festival experience and don’t miss the opportunity to get a free digital copy of the book by subscribing to our TypeClub.

See you in Barcelona!