Can you modify one of your typefaces for me?

I would like variants of some letters, or maybe some more symbol, or a bolder version...

Modifying our typeface for your need is not a trivial task and we must budget it accordingly. The changes we usually get asked can fall into one of three categories:

a) debug - maybe a accented letter is missing, a diacritic is not showing properly, or a foreign character is not drawn correctly. We consider this standard maintenance and debug work for our typefaces and we'll gladly accept your feedback and provide you with an updated version, that will also be uploaded on our website to provide both new and existing users with a corrected release of the typeface.

b) minor change - if we are requested to change few letters, or provide some minor alteration to an existing typeface (eg change dot shape in punctuation, or something similar) we will be however forced to create a variant version of the typeface that we will budget according to your requests, providing you with an expected delivery time and a price tag. You can factor a base price of 50 to 200 euros per glyph, considering the additional work requested to revise metrics and export the new typeface.

c) major change - if you need a fully customized/redesigned version of one of our typefaces, either due to changes in design or in weight/form, you'll have to provide us with a detailed brief that we will answer with a proposed budget and time for delivery. Such changes include devising a completely new weight, adding a new language set (eg. cyrillic, greek or arabic), or introducing substantial changes in letter shape and visuals). Such heavily customized can also be licensed on a exclusive basis if requested (see Custom Type License).

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