Custom Type

This full buyout licence is an option for an individual, a corporation or other legal entity who wants to own the exclusive rights on a tailor-made font.

We don't provide full buyout licence on fonts that have already been published - the option is available for new font design only.

Custom font design is part of the services we offer at Zetafonts: feel free to request a quote.

  • Commercial use
  • Perpetual
  • Print doc and Static Image
  • Web embed
  • Trademark logo
  • Embed app/server/ebook
  • Used by suppliers
  • Use across countries
  • Exclusive license
  • OEM Usage

Exclusive license for a font tailor-made specifically for the necessities of your business.

Use and distribute the font internally to all employees, without limitation of number and cpus.

Distribute the font to related suppliers (marketing and advertising agencies, shops, etc) worldwide.

Unrestricted licensing for: graphic and logo design, marketing, advertising, brand communications and packaging, print and digital use.


You cannot resell the font to third parties.

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