With Zetafonts, you can choose, customize and develop the typography to make your brand voice unique, and get a worldwide, neverending, no user limit license to use it.


Branding is not only about your company logo. It’s about creating a full language that can keep its tone of voice even when the logo is out of sight and the brand colors not available due to technical constraints.

This is where typography comes center stage to give your brand recognition and personality - linking your web presence to your printed ads, your social media captions to your store ambient graphics.

Consistent font usage allows your company to brand correctly all your touchpoints, making any document and ephemeral communication - even a quickly printed office memo - part of a distinctive vision and design experience.

The power of typographic branding, once reserved to big and high spending companies, has been made widely available by the evolution of digital type design technology. And while only bigger companies may be able to afford the higher cost of a custom typeface created from scratch, lighter typeface customizations are possible for medium-sized business and designers who want to give their clients a unique visual asset.


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One time unrestricted licensing

No need for subscriptions.
No website view limitations.
Pay once, use your font forever.

Unlimited users

A single license for everybody.

Your font is free to use for everyone who works with you.

Tailor made for you

Logo fonts, special features,
custom characters and ligatures.

You want it, we design it.

Our Services

At Zetafonts we've been creating typefaces and brand identities for over thirty years. Our experience covers typographic branding systems for small businesses as well as big corporate entities. Also, we provide a vast array of services to cover all that need worldwide use and a wide array of latin and non-latin character coverage.

For corporate branding typographic needs we advice on one of these two possible solutions:

• worldwide licensing for brand typefaces that need customization and flexible licensing

• custom type creation for clients that want an exclusive typography


Worldwide unlimited
licensing option

  • License any of the typefaces on www.zetafonts.com
  • Get unrestricted licensing covering all media
  • Usage right for employees of your business and third party agencies
  • All territories, ie worldwide
  • Optional custom naming and family organization
  • Technical assistance and type expertise

Font modification
and charset extension

  • Create new weights for existing typeface families
  • Develop alternates glyphs & ligatures 
  • Provide support for additional languages
  • Adjust weight, width, spacing and kerning as desired
  • Rename and re-organize type family
  • Convert to nonstandard font file formats

Custom typeface
and logo design

  • Develop a proprietary typeface and provide exclusive license 
  • Share concepts, design ideas, visuals and critique samples throughout the process
  • Start from your artwork or logo (vector or digitalized drawings)
  • Include special for ligatures, alternates, special cases
  • Cover special language and usage needs

Case studies

Lucca comics and Games

For the 2016 edition of Lucca Comics & Games, Europe largest pop culture festival with over half a million attendees, we designed with artist Zerocalcare a custom script typeface, used in digital and print materials.
The typeface was also made avalaible for download and use to all visitors, totalling thousands of downloads, and showing that custom fonts can also work as a guerrilla advertising tool


 Fine Fair India Group, approached us for a typography-based redesign of the brand identity of their children fashion line, Kair. The custom typeface had to express the brand values of motherly protection and care.
Soft corners and smooth lines where the inspiration for both the script typeface and the visual language definition that went from logo, to advertising, to design of retail space.

Digitalic Magazine

The magazine Digitalic approached us for a complete redesign of their masthead, asking for a logo and a bespoke typeface that could express their vision of a friendly, human centered technology

The result: a typeface that could not only makes the magazine stand out in newsstands, but also - as a web font - gives the digital version of the magazine an immediate connection to its printed counterpart.


We designed the custom typeface for advertising and space branding of Unicoop malls in Tuscany.
A family of fonts that, mimicking the freestyle approach of wide brush pen, were the perfect match for the brand mission, bringing to life its ecological awareness vision statements on every possible media, from small digital screens to architectonical space supergraphics.

IED Firenze

Opening a new design campus in downtown Florence - IED, Istituto Europeo di Design asked us to design a bespoke typeface to be used in all advertising materials as well as in the campus ambient graphics. The resulting typeface family not only managed to mix modernist and classical influences, but also includes a set of geometrical dingbats, allowing for decorative patterns and space branding.

What is right for you

• If cost is the issue, use our standard licensing scheme and select from hundreds of great typefaces at an affordable price.  

• Need maximum freedom of use? Select a worldwide license and get all the benefits of unrestricted usage licensing!

• Want to go for exclusivity and customization? Contact us for a quote on a custom or completely original typeface project!


  • license type
  • Perpetual
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited media
  • Customizations
  • Custom name
  • Original design
  • Exclusive


  • C
    Standard licensing
  • Z
  • X
  • X
  • X
  • X
  • X
  • X
  • L
    Worldwide licensing
  • Z
  • Z
  • Z
  • Z
  • Z
  • X
  • X
  • _
    Custom font
  • Z
  • Z
  • Z
  • Z
  • Z
  • Z
  • Z


  • License for use in marketing, advertising, brand communications and packaging
  • Files for use in applications, websites, digital ads, display screens and digital signage.
  • Freedom to use in internal documents, billing and document composition, social media use.
  • Free distribution in your company: all your employees can install and use your licensed font.
  • Third party distribution: all your service agencies worldwide can use the typefaces.
  • A simple license valid for all territories, ie worldwide.


If you have a typographic design challenge for us, we're ready to help you.
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