02 Nov 2022

Fight for Kindness Exhibitions 2022

‘Fight for Kindness‘ is a non-profit initiative by TypeCampus looking to unite design communities and spread messages of positivity and change through typographic artworks. Proudly sponsored by Zetafonts

From November 5 to 13, a multi-location exhibition to celebrate World Kindness Day


Fight for Kindness: a global event to spread inspiring typographic messages from the design community


In an increasingly self-oriented society, good practices of kindness have collapsed, risking becoming a legacy of times gone by. Fight for Kindness is a unique opportunity to bring awareness to this issue, celebrating the World Day of Kindness each year, on November 13th; it is a non-profit project that unites the design communities, enhancing typography in all its potential: to convey messages of positivity and change.


Starting last November TypeCampus - a cultural project of the Italian type foundry Zetafonts - has invited designers from all over the world to create a typographic message that would spread the importance of kindness, in all its facets: from empathy to peace, from mutual trust to respect, touching on themes of courage, inclusiveness, care, respect, ethical integrity and responsibility.


Over 150 artworks from designers, illustrators, type and visual artists enthusiastically embraced the cause, creating original digital artworks.


“World Kindness Day is a very dear occasion to me. Having overcome the thought of kindness as formalities, I have discovered over time that many of the values I believe in and that I tend to, should be enclosed in this label. – says Debora Manetti, co-partner of Zetafonts & TypeCampus and author of the project – That's why, with the precious support of the female part of our team, I unearthed this project exactly a year ago. 

I strongly believe that kindness is a form of intelligence: it has the power to revolutionize relationships between people, and often small changes can make a big difference. The creative industry has enormous power in this relationship challenge and there is a lot we can experience. Fight for Kindness is a project that comes from our daily managing of typefaces, together with the desire to leave a positive mark in society while being in touch with great designers, magazines, design schools and creativity professionals around the world”


TypeCampus, which has over 90 design schools affiliated to its Academic Plan for free typographic resources, will conclude the 2022 edition with a multi-location global exhibition in the week preceding November 13: from Milan (IT) to Paris (FR), Valencia (ES), Fitchburg (US), Veliko Tarnovo (BG).


On the occasion of next World Kindness Day, given the growing interest in the project, will be open the call for submissions for the second edition of this typo-philanthropic initiative.


The project was supported by amazing partners like the European Art Directors Club (ADC*E), ADCI, Communication Arts, Indigo Awards, C2Awards and Femme Type and it is sponsored by Zetafonts Foundry.


The multi-location exhibition will include a selection of beautiful inspirational artworks, designed by dozens of designers who during the year responded to our call to Fight for Kindness!


Milan, Italy

IF! Italians Festival at Base Milano

11-12 November 2022

Organized by ADCI, UNA and the Italians Festival team


Valencia, Spain

Barreira Hall - Barreira Arte y Diseño

5-13 November 2022

Organized by Patrizia Barbieri & Zara Jorques


Paris, France

Campus Condorcet - Centre des Colloques

5-13 November 2022

Organized by Valentina La Marca and Jessica Romano


Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

Museum of Yanaky Mansiev / University of Veliko Turnovo St Cyril and St. Methodius

4-13 November 2022

Organized by Radimira Yordanova


Fitchburg, Massachusetts, US

Fitchburg State University - Main Lobby of Conlon Hall

November-December 2022

Organized by Donald Tarallo



The complete list of artwork is available on TypeCampus, ready to be shared to spread positive inspirations.


Fight for Kindness is a project by TypeCampus Team, created by Debora Manetti and Shrishti Vajpai with the help of Isabella Ahmadzadeh and Sofia Bandini. Proudly sponsored by Zetafonts



www.typecampus.com (Instagram TypeCampus)

www.zetafonts.com (Instagram Zetafonts)




IMAGES AVAILABLE AT THIS LINK> https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9x4zguagg7mvcry/AADmXf00gTPVIS-cKYdccTKfa?dl=0

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