The TypeCampus Agreement

TypeCampus is an agreement, totally free-of-charge, offered by Zetafonts exclusively to visual design and communication universities and schools. It consists of a package of benefits to provide the best typographic tools for students, that include a fully licensed font collection, a yearly guide on typographic trends, and on request, the organization of typographic workshops and lectures on type usage and licensing.
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The Rookie Collection is a selection of classic Zetafonts typefaces that are offered as a bundle to students and young professionals to begin building their library of advances resources to be used in every design project.


The collection includes one hundred fonts taken from our catalogue, ranging from classics like Cocogoose Pro and Heading Pro to new releases like Hagrid and Monterchi, experimental typefaces like Boring Sans Variable and Quarantype as well as iconic fonts like Aquawax Pro and Aristotelica Pro


(Pack’s regular price: 57 €) Free for students of school partecipating in the program.


The 2021 Type Trends LookBook is out now!

At Zetafonts, we know that researching creative trends is a fundamental part of the design process for visual artists. Every year we study the global trends in advertising, lettering, editorial and packaging design, and publish a full illustrated lookbook explaining current trends and showing possible uses for typefaces.


The TypeCampus Agreement includes a digital version of our annual trend review for students of design institutes partners of the project.

Academic Activities

Zetafonts associates and collaborators are available for a wide range of educational activities, suitable for design schools.

It could include

  • a presentation of foundry activity
  • typographic workshops
  • tutorial on typographic topics (licensing, behind the scenes or other)
  • type trends presentation
  • competitions for students
  • internships
  • small sponsorship for events of the school. 

If request, we will consider the needs of the school on a case-by-case basis,

also free of charge, when it’s possible (terms to be agreed individually).

Just 2 minutes to start the partnership. Easily and for free.



exclusive for students of design-schools part of TypeCampus Agreement 


· 20% off for entries at Creative Communication Awards (C2A) 



If you are a design student and desire to get our Rookie Collection for free

get in touch with us via social networks or email to


Ambassador Zetafonts

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