What if I can't use the online payment procedure?

  • If the problem is technical (e.g. you get an error message or an unexpected result) please try again to follow the procedure with a different browser, after having checked that your browser allows cookies (requested for transaction procedure). Or try with another credit card (sometimes for some reasons Paypal doesn't accept some credit cards because of some limitations of the credit card itself). If the problem persists, contact us - if possible sending a screenshot of the error message or unexpected result. Please notice that all payment is handled through third party services (PayPal) over which we have not control.
  • If your problem is an accounting one (e.g. need an invoice before payment, or you can pay only with wire transfer), please contact us and send us correct information about your company (Name, Address, Contact Email, Country, Vat Number or similar business registration). If you're buying the license on behalf of a client or third party, add the same data for his business. We will send an invoice with payment information for wire transfer. As soon as wire transfer is finalized, you'll receive the license file and the full version font files (in case you've only downloaded a trial version).
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