I want to use your fonts, how can I do?

What license do i need?

If you want to use our fonts in a commercial project, you must buy the rights to do so by paying a license fee that varies according to usage and number of users.

Check the difference between our licenses on our licensing page.

You can find below a quick overall view of all licenses we provide:

  • If you're designing a logo or artwork for print or digital advertising, and are the sole author of the design you need the Personal License.
  • If the font will be installed by up to 5 people (small design studios, agencies, companies or other legal entities) for desktop use (designing a logo or artwork for print or digital advertising), you need the Business/Small Studios license.

Both the Personal and Small Studio licenses apply to web/app use of your design as long as it stays in rasterized form.

  • If you want to use the font(s) on a website as dynamic text using @font-face and css you need a Web@font-face license in addition.
  • If you plan to embed the font(s) for use in computer softwares, web/mobile applications and games for dynamic text generation, you need the App/Server/eBook License. 
  • If you want to embed the font(s) into an electronic publication just like an eBook, eMag, eNewspaper, or one interactive PDF you need the App/Server/eBook License.
  • All the above licenses don't apply to broadcast use (designing logos or dynamic text for broadcast/tv/cinema). If you plan to use the font as part of dynamic or static typesetting for broadcast use, you need the Broadcast License.
  • If you want everybody in your agency/corporation to install and use the font(s) at unlimited locations, and cover a 360° communication plan (all desktop usages as well as web usage and broadcast usage, that are otherwise subject to separate licensing), a Worldwide License is necessary.
  • Finally, you can be interested in a Custom Font License. This full buyout licence is an option for who wants to own the exclusive rights on a tailor-made font with unrestricted licensing for: graphic and logo design; marketing, advertising, brand communications and packaging; print and digital use.


Feel free to contact us for further enquiries.

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